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    Hot ECB Interest Rate Decission in One Hour! !!!

    Hi, guys! Today will be interesting day with some stronger movements I hope. We will see the ECB Interest Rate Decision in one hour and ECB Monetary policy statement and press conference following the announcement. All the expectations are to keep the number at this all time low level of 0.5% and it probably will stay there, but the Mario Draghi speech will be the great catalyst for the afternoon trading session. I will watch live the press conference and according to the statement sentiment will trade on some of the euro pairs, or in precious metals.

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    ECB keeps the rate at 0.5%. The ECB press conference is giving mostly positive signals and the EUR/USD is trading 25 pips up after the beginning of the Draghi Speech.

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    "The economic situation in the euro zone is still full of challenges,but there are signs of possible stabilization and gradual recovery in the second half of the year.Monetary union is now more resilient and stable than it was, and we are confident that it will survive.Continue to support macroeconomic activity preserving price stability in euro zone"- said Mario Draghi at an international monetary conference in Shanghai.
    Draghi's comments come ahead of this week's the ECB meeting, which will be discussed options to stimulate the recession hit the European economy of the recent reduction in interest rate.Interest rate remained unchanged at 0.50%. There is no cuts planned in the near future.On the press conference it discussed a wide range of measures to go beyond interest rate to help stimulate the euro zone economy.The key task is to get credit to SME and it will create a the most new jobs.ECB has to encourage the banks to package and sell loans to small business and free up more money to lend it.It will take time to set up.

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    The Eurozone monetary policy is looking promising for now. The debt crisis all over the south Europe is partially suppressed. It is not fully permitted but the debt markets are now more acceptable the bonds from this part of Europe, mostly because of the great protection from the ECB. Without it this couldn’t happen. I thing despite of the bad prediction Europe will survive and will escape from the crisis in stronger shape than many other parts of the world.

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