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    COO of - A brief intro !!!

    Hello to any reading this post.

    I am new to this forum, and as it has in the title I do in fact run the operations of the binary trading platform
    We had some great users who told us they use this forum and think that perhaps having a presence here would be beneficial, even if just to answer some basic industry related questions, to perhaps answering questions regarding our auto technology through signalindex, or indeed about the platform itself.

    Hoping that you will all understand I am simply here to represent and as a resource to use for decent info, lookiing forward to speaking with you all.



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    Hello Adam and Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    I moved your post to • Introducing Binary Options Businesses room, because here is the place to present and promote your businesses, with clear statement that the post is promotional. I am inviting you to explain in more details about Goptions. What is the difference from the other binary options brokers and what exactly means “auto technology through signalindex”. I am sure your explanation will be very interesting to all the participants in our forum.

    ComminuTraders Team

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    Hi Kolyo,

    Thanks for placing me in the right spot and for the kind reply.

    Goptions was founded by Lee More my partner and current CEO/Founder.

    The platform itself is based on spot option technology, soon to be relaunched with their new widget style platform that you can view via spotoption directly.

    We have over 250 assets from fx pairs to stocks, commodities and indices available. The platform can facilitate trades from 60 seconds, to 10 mins, 20 min, 30 mins, daily, weekly expires etc. we also have the pro trader side of the platform itself where you can fully use all features such as buy me out, rollover and double up. Minimum trade size is 5 for 60, 25 for everything else. Max is 500 for 60, 5000 for everything else. Min deposit and withdrawal is currently 100, next week min deposit is going up to 200, with withdrawals staying at 100 minimum.

    As for what makes us different, truly I can explain a few points that I am sure will be agreed with ( or at least I hope)

    We guarantee same day withdrawals. That's for verified clients (basic docs required to verify and takes under 24 hours to validate docs). So we guarantee Monday to Friday to send and process to you a requested withdrawal. We are the only ones to offer this.

    We guarantee also the pricing of expiration. Should the price ever doffer from Reuters/leverage price you get a rebate in cash no questions. The option price of course is the option price, don't take it if you don't want it but we also give use of a clever cancel button. So even if you take the wrong price at entry, you still get 3 seconds to cancel it.

    As for team members. We are a small bespoke team that handle high numbers. As head of operations I refused to go down the standard call center route. Instead we employ a small but powerful team of wealth management specialists. Each with real trading experience behind them and they are there purely to connect to and utilise as the resources of info that they are. So rather than be pushed a stupid bonus, you the client with full control can request some personal reading at any time, no matter what the value of your account.

    As for account benefits yes of course volume based bonuses are there for those that want to take them. The volume ranges from 40 - 25X depending on the level of funds. Bonuses are completely OPTIONAL and must be asked for and agreed to before being granted. Our team unless you are thinking right and looking long term will most likely advise you not to do bonuses and rather to remain in control.

    At high levels of 5000, 10,000, 25k, 50k, 100k and above real benefits are available. Such as account insurance. So if you lose over a month you get a rebate in cash of your losses. You can also get higher payouts of 90% on favourite assets along with of course extremely inviting volume levels of bonus funds.

    As for signalindex and auto trading in general for binary. I had a dream in mind about 2 years ago after being shocked at the lack of transparency on online signals and outright fraud/scam artist actions. So back in October goptions helped and enabled auto trading to happen by partnering with a tech firm called signalindex. They created an automatic signal supermarket for binary option signal senders. A place where all history good and bad is shown, a place where signals are 100% automatic with no slippage, no need to download anything or even be logged in when trades get sent. I went out hunting for existing winning online traders via linked in and conferences. We now see per 25 daily auto senders in the marketplace on signalindex, with a further 150 due to start soon. 60second signal services are launching from Monday also, the first of their kind to date.

    Now as a client with goptions you are guaranteed 100% control of everything truly a first. Then via the signals you control how
    Much is sent per trade as a dollar value or % amount. You. Can turn off the automation or unsubscribe at any time remaining in full control. You can multi subscribe and also trade at any time on the platform. Very soon other brokers will be on signalindex for their clients. We are the only ones there now due to the way we operate. Soon enough though more top brokers will be there.

    So to recap;
    Guaranteed withdrawals same day.
    Guaranteed pricing.
    All the assets and tools.
    Exclusive auto trading for our clients.
    Real people using real names with real experience to gain and use for everyone.
    A real trader app in iTunes ( soon to be pushed aside as we launch a smashing all in one app on the 15)

    So that is I think a fair evaluation of what we are about. I'm always on Skype for any that want to chat and would really appreciate contact with any one to discuss the platform, accounts, auto trading, strategy/signals/trading, the industry or simply as some banter to enjoy.



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    Yes unfortunately after losing 2/3k in as many days, and after taking a volume restrictive bonus this gentleman did a chargeback on his visa for over 25,000.

    Straight after, multiple conversations I had with him on Skype were edited and scam sites opened up against goptions. He also took a video from another user who was having a problem and claimed it as his own with a new spin.

    If needed I can show the bank transcripts here in black and white fashion.

    Fact is. If the person has charged back, we are no longer holding any of their funds. Therefore truly how are we a scam?

    Now this guy in particular was running a nice game. He got a particular friend to introduce him to us and the account , gaining a nice big healthy IB fee. If he won he would have withdrawn. If he loses he charges back.

    At the very least they gain the IB affiliate commission and of course goptions is not the only place he has done this before. Spotoption have him doing this at 3 other platforms.

    Lastly, he opened a real campaign of hate posting and re posting on and on the same garbled crap. His site is full of malware and lastly if you didn't see the above we are very much putting our name on same day withdrawals. We would not jeopardise that for any amount of money for a withdrawal.

    If you read what this guy has said it makes no sense. He claims I wanted to give him 5000 cash for opening an account no restrictions. Seriously, that would just be ridiculous. If needed (even though I don't think it is) I can post transcripts and proof of what we have, the last thing I want is even this thread being dedicated to this particular waste of time....but I guess that's what I'm opened up to by being on the forums.

    After this simple to the point and truthful explanation I hope hose with a brain in their heads can see it for what it was. A fraudulent attempt against a broker by a serial charge backer.

    As for the sites and stuff he opened its probably because I told him exactly what I thought of him and I don't beat around the bush. I don't think he liked being banned from all the spot platforms after de frauding us and so I became target número uno.



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    Hello everyone,

    Today I would like to introduce a world first for Binary Options; Spread betting via our unique and exclusive Ladder Options.

    Trading with our new Ladder enables you to buy options at out of market prices, current prices and more with a potential possible payout of over 1000% for a single trade based on an hour expiration or shorter. So if you are sure that a certain asset will go up or down significantly during the next hour you can buy a Ladder Option and profit more than you usually would with a classic digital or touch option. Due to the high payout percentage it is possible to buy 2 or 3 of the Ladder Options and still double or better the total investment. Of course another benefit is that you can spread the risk this way by using the Ladder options to hedge and compliment your existing trades. You can find more information about Ladder Options by going to our homepage and adding /ladder-options or talk to me on Skype/E-mail



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