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    withdrawing bigger Amounts from Beton Markets !!!

    Hi Traders,
    I am currently Trading with Beton Markets and it works great fore me.

    The Payout percentage is high and you can risk ase much ase 50K per Trade which is a good thing in my opinion. Since my account is slowly getting to that level, I am getting a bit paranoid if I can trust them with paying out my Winnings if I keep on winning big consistently.

    So my question is:
    1.hase anyone withdrawn 20K ore more consistently once a week from beton Markets and what's you're experience ?

    2.hase anyone used bank wire transfer ase a payout more than 50 K consistently ?

    Maybe it's just paranoia and I can just trade to the maximum 350k and than I will have to payout the profits that exceede that anyways but if not, just post on this you're thread what you experienced ore PM me.


    PS:I don't want to discuss trading strategies please stay on topic icon smile Forums

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    I dont know much about Beton Markets but all regulated brokers allow big money withdrawls.

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    This is a quite difficult question andraxania.. I never traded that big and I am not sure are you bluffing or kidding or you really want to trade that big?? I could be wrong but my opinion is that if you withdraw more than 20k per week this could be a problem for the broker, especially for betonmarkets if you understand my point right

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    The name Bet on market, says it all...

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    Once you have a real betonmarkets trading account then, the method will work for you. It works worldwide

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    Are you kidding with us andraxania?? Trading 50k trade with betonmarkets!? Firstly I doubt that your account is of such a big size and second why you should risk your money with them. Even if they are not scammers, they are not among the most reputable brokers you probably know that. There are many more better choices to trade with big sums of money.

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    I didn't withdraw that amount but I know You can easily withdraw even more than 20K in a day. There is no Restriction in Beton Markets. You may get that money by wire transfer, If your country support that. If you are still in confusion, Feel free to contact with their live support.

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    All, i Trade with BetOnMarkets and due that the have a gambling license the are very tit regulated. i have bad experience with the cyprus BO broker like Banc de Binary

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    I think 20K is not a big deal for Beton market. You can easily withdraw that amount from your trading balance. If you face any problem, please feel free to contact with their live support.

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