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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry - Tuesday 18th June !!!


    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.
    Trade just one Tip at a time

    EUR/USD: The pair plunged during the earlier part of today’s session before bouncing solidly against its lower Bollinger Band. After rallying strongly, the EUR/USD is now challenging its upper band.

    As such, consider activating a new CALL binary option using this pair as its underlying asset if price can surge above 1.3410.

    USD/JPY: The US Dollar extended its gains against the Yen for the third consecutive trading day with the USD/JPY climbing over 70 pips this morning. The pair is presently probing its upper Bollinger Band and looks set to climb higher albeit after a possible temporary corrective dip.

    Consequently, buy the USD/JPY if a sustained break above 95.60 can be achieved.

    Gold Trading: Growing optimism that the Fed will not instigate any immediate actions to rein in its stimulus programs helped traders to adopt a riskier stance during the night. As such, bullion fell for the second consecutive day as investors shunned its safe-haven appeal.

    The precious metal is presently testing a major support level. If a clean break ensues, open a PUT binary option structured on gold if price slumps below $1,360 per oz.

    AUD/USD: The Aussie weakened substantially against the US Dollar overnight exemplified by the AUD/USD plunging by over 90 pips. With the pair presently hovering about its lower Bollinger Band; look to sell the AUD/USD following a clean break beneath 0.9385.

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    USD/JPY tip has just been activated.

    Direction: CALL
    Opening Price: 95.619
    Expiry Time: 1 hour - 9.47 EST
    Payout Ratio: 80%
    Wagered: 2% of equity

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    The pair surged by over 10 pips but then started to retract with 15 minutes eventually producing an 'out-of-the-money' result.

    This trade again demonstrates the very fickle nature of binary options trading. This is why you need to keep your risk exposure low.
    Also, if you are a beginner you must realize that achieving 100% wins is impossible.

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    On intraday trade more increment is expected in evening trading session. Gold prices in MCX are very close to week high and expected more increment in august traded delivery. Whereas on global market gold prices are fall in downside in afternoon trading by 0.02% and comes to $1391.30.

    In energies and base metal positive flag watching with a mixed reaction, in domestic market crude oil are followed in positive side but in international market it traded in downside by falling -0.10% to 92.66 due to weak global physical demand.
    In evening trade natural gas and crude oil are looking to trade in green with more increment in for active trading delivery at Multi commodity exchange.

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