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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry - Monday 24th June !!!

    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.
    Trade just one Tip at a time

    EUR/USD: After sustaining significant losses last week, the euro managed to stabilize during the night with the EUR/USD trading within a restricted range. However, the US Dollar is now expected to acquire fresh support as investors flee riskier assets in preference for its safe-haven appeal.

    As such, consider initiating a new PUT binary option using the EUR/USD as its underlying asset if price slumps below 1.3090.

    USD/JPY: The pair rose during the earlier part of today’s session before being strongly rejected by the upper Bollinger Band. The USD/JPY has just rebounded higher after testing a major support level.

    With fresh gains now in the pipeline; look to buy the pair if price breaks assertively above 98.40.

    Gold Trading: At market open, the precious metal immediately sustained a major loss by plunging over $15.00 per oz. In the last couple of hours, bullion has attempted to stabilize after bouncing against its lower Bollinger Band.

    However, gold looks very fragile at present and poised to suffer further losses. As such, open a PUT binary option constructed on this commodity if price drops beneath $1,278.80 per oz.

    GBP/USD: When the Forex market re-opened yesterday evening, the British pound crashed instantly against the greenback exemplified by the GBP/USD plummeting by over 70 pips. The pair is currently probing a major support level.

    If the pair can now emphatically break below this value, then sell the GBP/USD should price slump under 1.5340.

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    EUR/USD tip has just been activated.

    Direction: PUT
    Opening Price: 1.30875
    Expiry Time: 1 hour
    Payout Ratio: 80%
    Wagered: 2% of equity

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    At expiration at 9.14 am EST, the EUR/USD finished at 1.3085 producing a 'in-the-money' result.

    Very volatile hour though as price plunged initially lower before surging back higher.

    A final retraction helped the trade produce a winning result.

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    I think we could be in for a dynamic ride this week again. There is my brief market overview.

    A significant market correction now appears to be in progress initiated by the Fed assertively warning last week that the era of loose monetary easing was nearing a close. Many revered market analysts are subsequently predicting, after assessing last week’s developments, that the markets could now face a prolonged and chaotic corrective dip. They also stressed that a transitional process has commenced which could be very traumatic because of the high levels of market liquidity.

    Overnight, investors endured additional concerns after the Chinese Central Bank issued an emphatic warning to local banks stressing that they must strive harder to control their both lending activities and cash reserves more effectively. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has implemented policies recently intended to stifle speculative investing which have caused short-term interest rates to surge higher. However, the PBOC now plans to rein in these measures as they are increasingly stressing an already struggling Chinese economy.

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