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    EU members states to reform economy !!!

    European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said the ECB has done everything in it's power to stabilize the ailing economies of Europe.According to him,now on national governments to reform their economies.Draghi urged politicians to put in over-regulation of the labor market,which caused the highest level of youth unemployment.In his address to the French Parliament,Draghi said that the European governments is needed to employ all available means to increase growth and made it's economy more competitive.The ECB has lowered the benchmark interest rate at a record low of 0.50%,by offering cheap loans to banks and bond buying plan representing the heavily indebted countries.

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    EU finance ministers will again tonight to try to make regulations about the distributions of costs in case of future problems with the banking sector to spare taxpayers.France and Germany are divided over whether it should have the freedom to governments of countries for the implementation of EU rules defining the extend to which holders of bonds,shares and deposits in excess of 100000 euros participated in statement.And if not specified deadline for agreement ministers are under considerable pressure to demonstrate to invest adequate effort to combat the debt crisis before tomorrow's summit of EU leaders to be held in Brussels.

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