I am not supplying tips today because, of course, the USA markets are closed for the 4th July celebrations.

Still with Friday sizing up to be a very eventful day, you could use this time to relax your 'button-pressing' figure

Economists are predicting that the Non-Farm Payroll figure for June will fall to 160K from $175K in May. The release of this labor statistic is
so important because the US Federal Reserve will use it as one of the main parameters to determine when to start tapering back its monetary
easing policies.

Even if the number produced on Friday closely matches the prediction, the markets should still experience high levels of volatility. However, should there
be a large discrepancy, then you can expect surges of 100's of pips in USD based currency pairs. A better-than-expected figure will be supportive of an
early slowdown of the Fed's monthly asset purchasing program and will be positive for the greenback but negative for stocks.

In contrast, a weak number should prolong quantitative easing and will be US Dollar negative but positive for stocks.

I will watch the event Friday closely on CNBC. The experts there get so involved, you think they were watching a major sports event.