After slight recovery of the Euro is currently around 0.6% of the lowest value in the past more than a month. In anticipation of today's ECB meeting and the recent statements of Mario Draghi's policy that the ECB will remain resilient, the European currency is pretty stable. Resignation of two ministers of the current government and then the sudden jump in growth to the reference year bonds in Portugal once again raised concern that a debt crisis in the euro zone again could be worse. In light of recent events, some economists think that the ECB will probably take new steps to stimulate recovery in the euro zone, which are generally referred to a further reduction in interest rates and the introduction of negative interest rates on deposits. The euro was mostly fluctuating in the morning. At today's meeting, the ECB kept the current interest rates in order to stimulate further economic recovery. The economic activity of the euro zone in the first quarter fell more than expected, according to previous calculations. According to the Eurostat GDP fell 0.3% instead of the previous 0.2% in the previous quarter, the decrease was 0.6%. Two consecutive quarters of decline in economic activity is considered a technical recession.

The British pound after yesterday's growth caused by good economic data during the Asian trading came to a small correction. New BoE Governor Mark Carney today for the first time presided over a meeting of the Bank of England. From this meeting is not expected to bring about change in the future monetary policy, which means that the interest rate is likely to remain at current levels and a program of quantitative easing. The British pound fell to a five week low against the dollar after the Bank of England kept current monetary policy unchanged. Interest rates remain at 0.5%, while the bond-buying program remained at the current 375 billion pounds. Index of house prices in the UK over the last month rose more than economists' expectations. According to the report, published today, grew from 0.4% to 0.6%. Expected growth was 0.4%. During the day sterling fell 1.17%.