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    Hot Top 5 Market Moves of the Week - 07/15-19/2013 !!!

    Hi guys,

    Check the new Bogdan's Top Five Мarket Мoves of the Week and find the most important events which will move the markets this week!

    Originaly posted by Bogdan G.

    US Retail Sales

    07/15/2013 – Monday at 12:30 pm GMT

    German ZEW Economic Sentiment

    07/16/2013 – Tuesday at 09:00 am GMT

    US Consumer Price Index (YoY)

    07/16/2013 – Tuesday at 12:30 pm GMT

    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Testifies

    07/17/2013 – Wednesday at 2:00 pm GMT

    Group of Twenty Meetings (G20)

    07/19/2013 – Friday

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    this whole week is one long important economic release. Ben speaking will only add spin to the whole deal. In the U.S. alone there are over 20 releases including home starts, building permits, tic flows, jobless claims :-) , Leading Indicators etc.

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    The US currency fell against the most of the counter currency before tomorrow's speech of the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. His speech will affect investors remain fairly restrained.Policy of monetary easing took some time to remain in force.One thing is sure.It will be turbulence with the gold price.My opinion $35-$40 up or down.It depends that speech would be hawkish.

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