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    Hi, I'm a binary options researcher !!!

    Hi everyone,

    It's most likely that you all have gained significant insight on the entire binary options field, which to my opinion, that insight is priceless.
    I hope that with your acquired knowledge and my previous researches, I'll be able to write new articles on the subject with a contributive element all traders could benefit from.

    I'm currently looking to write a piece on trading signals, but I can't decide on the article's angle. I'd appreciate your partaking in deciding on a topic I should investigate, relating to binary options trading signals.

    Thanking you in advance,


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    Hi Pablicito,

    Any news on this article you wrote? Who are you writing it for BTW?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Kay View Post
    Hi Pablicito,

    Any news on this article you wrote? Who are you writing it for BTW?

    No doubt. I'm interested too. What angle did you run with and where is it posted?

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    Something to write about !!!

    Hi Pablicito,

    If you're still looking for something to write about, I'd suggest my auto trader (BOAT) as a good place to start. I started and still do trade off of signals, primarily bollinger band breaks and RSI. You can test both of these out either in simulation or a demo account to test the results. If you feel confident enough with your strategy you can have the BOAT trade in your actually account with any broker.

    A friend and I just launched the program last week and would love to have someone write about it. And if you're a researcher maybe you'd be interested in finding the optimal settings that work best for this system. Personally I like to reverse trade on a 3rd standard deviation bollinger band break with the martingale in play. I haven't had a losing day using it with the auto trader.

    If this is something you may be interested in please check out

    Good luck

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