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    MT4 Binary Options Integration !!!

    I have to say I've been trying out the current web based Binary Option software for sometime now and I really dislike its fuctionality.I've had problems with it lagging and though the movements were the same, the moving price didn't correlate between the broker and MT4.
    I was searching the web and came across a site called SpotOption who are a solutions software company in providing Binary Option brokers.
    When having a look to see what they offer I found this:
    I think that this is next direction Binary Options needs to be heading to gain any credibility amongst the vast majority of people as it will finally give it a platform that it deserves where proper analysis will be able to be carried out, without having to switch between in my opinion shoddy web based software.
    I also found out Spotoption isn't the only solutions software site that caters to Binary Options and there are a few more out there helping with this push.
    The thing that stood out to me however was Spotoption being fully regulated by the CySec and after reading this:
    I found that if a broker uses Spotoptions technology then that broker has all it needs to be a regulated broker as the technology has all been verified.
    Another thing with this great implentation will be that existing Forex brokers will be able to offer Binary Options with MT4 as another product they offer to traders.
    Here I found a list of brands affiliated with SpotOption which some of you may appreciate also:
    I have decided that the only right time for me will be when I am able to find a broker that offers SpotOptions MT4 plug-in and have already made contact with them seeking a list of brokers that are providers of this feature. Hopefully they are able to get back to me with a comprehensive list and if so I'll keep you updated. Any of your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

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    I don't know much about SignalPush (, but they do have a relatively broker-independent set of tools for MT4. They have a trendline entry tool for binary options...which is a great concept...and they provide an API that lets you create helpful entry tools/buttons/indicators/strategies that automatically submit your entry orders.

    (I'm not affiliated with SignalPush in any way)

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