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    Old Dog learnt new tricks !!!


    I have been trading spotforex for 7 years and started BO 2 years ago. It's been an experience i might add. BO rules, if you find the right broker and apply your mind to the markets. Have had some great reads here in the forum and enjoy some of the posts immensely.

    Lots of ITM to ya'll


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    Hello boart,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders. Great to see a trader with such a long term experience. If you have many years of Forex trading probably you are better prepared for binary options trading too. I would like to see your comments in our forum!

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    Hello and Welcome boart! I wish you pleasant and nice stay here. It will be great to share your thoughts and insights with us!

    CommuniTraders Team

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    Thank you...might have a lot of experience but the ole phrase comes to mind...''Once a Trader, always a student''.


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    You are right BoArt. Nice said. If you are active trader you always have to learn more and more new things and always are able to adapt to constantly changing market conditions. That is the only way to survive and profit in the long run.

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    I learn something new just about every day! Lester, you have some great things to say and I look forward to hearing more from you to Boart!

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