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EUR/USD: After falling for two consecutive days, the euro managed to rally against the US Dollar during the earlier part of today’s session to probe a key resistance level and its upper Bollinger Band. However, after the EUR/USD was firmly repelled by these two levels, it has since plunged sharply to decisively break beneath its middle Bollinger Band.

Currency specialists are now advising that further weakness should be expected as today unfolds. As such, execute a PUT binary option using the EUR/USD as its underlying asset if price drops lower than 1.3075.

USD/JPY: This pair fell during the night by reversing two days of successive gains. The greenback did surge initially against the ultra-safe Yen by climbing higher to challenge its upper Bollinger Band. Bernanke comments issued on Wednesday and Thursday encourage investors to support riskier assets at the detriment of safe-havens, such as the Japanese currency.

However, the Yen then rallied later in the session by driving the USD/JPY lower so that it tested its lower Bollinger Band. Fresh greenback strength has helped the pair rebound from this level in the last couple of hours so that it has now set a new course upwards with conviction. Look to buy the USD/JPY if price climbs above 100.65.

GOLD TRADING: Gold extended the gains it acquired yesterday by soaring higher to break assertively above a major resistance level this morning. The price of this precious metal then underwent a mild retraction in order to correct a heavily overbought status.

After this process is fully completed, bullion should then be ready to recommence its journey upwards. Consequently, assess the validity of implementing a new CALL binary option constructed on Gold if a sustained break above $1,291.50 can be accomplished.

GBP/USD: The British pound continued to climb higher against the US Dollar overnight as the GBP/USD extended its gains for the fourth consecutive day. Investors continued to support Sterling following the release this week of strong economic data from the UK.

The pair is currently poised to surge decisively above a key resistance level. If this objective can be successfully achieved, then buy the GBP/USD following a confirmed break above 1.5300.