Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sticks to finalize the Keynesian economic model. Experts believe that the country is"rising sun" thanks to this program,again to be,along with the US the engine of future growth in global economy. The main focus is expansionary monetary policy and increasing public spending.Japanese economists and analysts are not certain,however,whether this economic model will be able to quickly quell the deflation that plagues world's third strongest economy,with brief interruptions for nearly two decades. Deflation is characterized by stagnation or negative growth rate,reducing demand,increasing unemployment and poor economic activity. The main problem in Japan over the past two decades was insufficient liquidity.Deflation is just and impact negatively on all other key figures of the Japanese economy.Japan has decided on comprehensive program to stimulate economic growth. This option,which can be derived from many years of country and increasingly difficult economic crisis. This program is included the required sales tax for corporations. Governments must reduce other corporate taxes, with primarily related to taxes for new capital investment.Corporate governance reform is envisaged that the many sightings company inserted with younger managers.It is not clear how the model should look like the privatization of large Japanese infrastructure systems that are now in the possession of the state.