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    Hot Top 5 Market Moves of the Week - 07/22-26/2013 !!!

    Hi guys,

    Check the new Bogdan's Top Five Мarket Мoves of the Week and find the most important events which will move the markets this week!

    Originaly posted by Bogdan G.

    Apple, Inc. Earnings Report
    07/23/2013 – Tuesday (exact time not known)

    Facebook, Inc. Earnings Report
    07/24/2013 – Wednesday (exact time not known)

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand Interest Rate Decision
    07/24/2013 – Wednesday at 9:00 pm GMT

    United Kingdom Preliminary Gross Domestic Product
    07/25/2013 – Thursday at 08:30 am GMT

    US Durable Goods Orders

    07/25/2013 – Thursday at 12:30 pm GMT

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    The new week looks not very rich in economic data, except some earnings reports and the UK GDP and US durable goods on Thursday. We are already in summer conditions, which will lead eventually to lower volatility in the markets.

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    Yes, ur right about the summer conditions. And about the low volatility which can also bring weird and hard to trade movement. I will try to be very careful, especially in August which is known to be a tough week for traders.

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