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    New Auto Trader !!!

    Hi I'm new to the forum. I look forward to making money with you guys. Actually I've been trading for nearly a year now and haven't had much luck. I think my strategy is good but I didn't have the super human patience to really capitalize on the profits. So I decided to make a program that does exactly what I need to get ahead trading binary options. It's called the BOAT (binary options auto trader), it allows you to pinpoint bollinger band trade initiations for reverse trading, RSI trend trading, schedule trades and use the martingale as well. Here's short video of the BOAT in action. We just launched this thing a few days ago, so we're updating and improving the system constantly. There will be a low monthly payment option coming soon as well.

    We now have a monthly license option. Only $29.95! It's a really good deal considering you could easily make this much within an hour... depending on your strategy of course.

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    Here's a new video showing you what BOAT can do

    and here's how to set up the system

    This thing really does work!

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    I don't like to use any Auto Trader. I think manual trading is the best of the best idea for gaining money. And by manual trading we can present our knowledge spontaneously. Also in Binary option trading there are some prediction mode are always exist such as One touch option. In this case I think there is no need to use auto trader cause auto trader is completely unable to make profit.

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