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    Cowboy COGS new 2 these parts !!!

    Hey guys,

    I found some interesting threads with some interesting strategies that I wish it examine a bit more. I'm very new to binary options, have started with banc de binary. And now I'm sucked in with there bonus program. So I have to trade to get out but also make some money along the way.

    I hope to learn from the group. I can't wait


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    Hi COGS,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders. There are really many interesting strategies presented here, also on website. Most of them need extensive testing and experimenting with them before you will be sure they will produce you profit on a real trading account, but if you are persistent results will come for sure. It will be great if you share some of your testing results with us.

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    Hi Cowboy and welcome to CommuniTraders!

    It is great that you have interest to examine different strategies and make some tweaks with them. It is not an easy task to make from a regular strategy published somewhere in the web a working binary trading strategy, but there are many traders successfully implemented such strategies I know few of them. I am mostly discretionary trader and that’s why I don’t use strategies so much, but I have few indicators which I look at on my charts like RSI, MAs and Stochastic.

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