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    Im new here... i want to learn more...HELP! !!!


    I am Czaem from Philippines.. I would like to grab this kind of opportunity.. I want to learn the business at heart... to earn of course since im the bread winner of our family right now.. Hmmmm.. What are the binary option for Philippines which is legit and trusted with affordable investment???

    Thank you! I know this site is very useful and trustworthy... Hope for your quick and reliable response...


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    Hi Czaem,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    If you are eager to learn you will succeed for sure! It is not easy. I could say from my personal experience that it is a way too hard but the reward when you learn how to trade is big. I have great progress since I found this forum and you will have too! I am not sure which are exactly the binary options brokers which works with clients from Philippines. But you should be careful when selecting your broker as there are too much scams. I could say that BOTS are doing wonderful job in showing us which brokers are good and which are not. So you don’t have to make difficult research by yourself just read the reviews here and select the broker which is among the most trusted brands and call them. That way you will find the most appropriate for your needs.

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