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    Awesome program that doesn't suck !!!

    Hello everyone,

    I posted about this in my intro thread but thought it might be good to post here as well. A friend and I recently launched a program called BOAT at and this program is awesome! It will allow you to trade autonomously on your own trading platform 24 hours a day. A lot of the other signal calling sites require you to sit in front of your pc. With BOAT you don't need to. There is a simulation option as well, so you can test your formula and strategy first. What makes this program so special and unique is that it will keep you from being timed out (so you're always logged into your trading account), you can initiate trades based off of Bollinger Band breaks and RSI indicators, you can automatically double up your loses too and set a stop loss/max so you can capitalize on your profit. We even have scheduled trades so you can make a specific trade if you know you won't be in front of the pc at a certain time. There is nothing that comes close to this program's capabilities on the market at the moment and for the price. We're only charging $29.95 a month, which you can make within an hour easily, though it entirely depends on your strategy. Please check out the site

    Right now we just trade 60 second trades... hence the website's name, however long term trades and trade copying from professionals is coming soon.

    If you think the BOAT sounds confusing I'd be happy to walk you through the setup and give you my optimal settings and strategies. I know many other trading bot/signal sites look shady and can be VERY expensive. Please rest assure we are not out to screw anyone, we are just regular guys that created this super helpful program. With your help this thing could go viral and benefit the lives of so many people.

    Happy trading guys

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    Not a fan of the Martingale system, which in my mind makes it a gambling bot.
    To my knowledge, the Martingale system only works on accounts with large balances as well.

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    Hello Neuron,

    I agree with the risk involved using the martingale. It is difficult to call 60 second trading investing isn't it? You're right about a large account balance, but it is rather subjective. It depends on what your minimum trade amount is and what strategy you're using. Personally, I like to play it safe and start low trading $5, on a high bollinger band break of 3.7 standard deviation. Which will break about 10 or more times a day. Of those about 60-70% will be wins, I have yet to lose more than 3 in a row. Plus I run another program trading the same currency at a 4.2 standard deviation and the win ratio is much higher, but triggers much less. It acts as an insurance for the losing 3.7 loses. Since last week when we first launch this thing I am averaging $20-40 a day. The only thing I need to pay attention to are event announcements and the server connection, in which I admit does suck when the currency becomes unavailable for trading and the martingale is in play. That's why I don't recommend using the martingale on lower bollinger band settings. If you want to try this out and see the results for yourself I'd be glad to show you how to utilize the program. For $29.95, I'd say it's well worth it.


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    Hi Will,

    It sounds good your strategy and results. However I won’t put my money in any kind of martingale strategy. Even the safest one on earth! You could easily sustain 3 consecutive losses with this strategy, but if you have 5? Or 6 could you sustain the exponential increase of your capital to trade again. Yes, If you have unlimited capital you could play that game pretty long period of time, but even than you will have long enough losing streak to wipe out your account. The problem with these strategies is that the gain is increasing linearly with the risked capital, but the risk is increasing exponentially.

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    Hi Runneroption,

    I understand your concern about the martingale. It's definitely not for everyone. We are even working on having a semi-martingale where is defaults to the minimum after the 2nd or 3rd lose, that way users can just cut there loses and continue or change their strategy to whatever is best. So far it's working great for me.

    We have also updated the system to allow trade copying so you can copy from professionals live. It's only 60 second trades at the moment but longer term trades are coming soon.

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    You can now try out the BOAT for free for 3 months if you sign up with one of our affiliates!

    For our latest update you can set the program to automatically adjust the bollinger bands to initiate trades in your favor based off your win and lose history. We're getting closer to perfecting the Optimal striking points on your favorite currency!
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    Here's a new video showing you what BOAT can do

    and here's how to set up the system

    This thing really does work!

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