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    Red face New to Binary, with forex experience !!!

    My name is Steven Schwartz and I am new to binary options.
    I have made some stupid mistakles in forex (one way to learn) and have also done well in forex (learnt from my mistakes and other sources)

    I am now looking ot move into binary and am still trying to decide on a broker.
    These are some of the features that I am looking:
    1. Good and easy to understand/learn trading platform
    2. Good trading platform available for the andriod based ohones
    3. Low minimum deposit due to limited funds.
    4. Easy access to MY funds

    I have looked at the BOTS reviews, but there are so many that I am just getting myself confused by all of the initial information. I have also looked at other websites that have good information as well as personal bias. I know that if I take my time it will make more sence to me but impatience seems to be common in the US these days, so I am looking for your thoughts on my search.

    I am not sure if this is where to post these questions about helping to choose a broker, but any advice would be appreciated.

    Steven S.

    P.S. - If moderators need to move this post, please let me know where to look for its replys.

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    Welcome Steven! You could check out our shortlist of Recommended Brokers. I am sure you will find there what you are looking for. Besides, the standard for any broker to become Recommended by BOTS is high so you won't have a lot of reviews to read
    Nice to have another FX trader here
    Take care

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    Whatever you do...D O N 'T....D O N 'T take the bonus offered.....

    Good Luck man

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