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    I'd like to thank random youtube guy... !!!

    I have little to no experience trading binary options, but I've been spending the last few weeks reading up about it.

    Originally I ran into the concept in an video ad. The ad told me "MAKE A THOUSAND MILLION BILLION DOLLARS A DAY, JUST FIND THE UP OR DOWN-TREND AND PRESS CALL OR PUT". Anyway, my BS detector went off the charts, but I still decided to research the concept of binary options. Sounded like gambling initially, but being an optimist, I figured I could greatly improve my odds by learning how to read the charts.

    So I started youtubing for basic information. Ran into "The Rainbow Strategy" from some random guy. Now this guy promised great fortunes as well; just needed to use this indicator. BS off the chart again.
    Googled "rainbow strategy" because his explanation wasn't very newbie friendly (few places are) and this site came up as one of the results.

    The ONLY reason I clicked this site is because of the domain-name. It doesn't sound like a site that tries to sell me some miracle that will solve all my problems and make me rich, beautiful, eloquent and well hung.
    Further reading seemed to confirm that.

    Now this forum is just icing on the cake really.

    So I've been going through the school, and am currently in the primary school part, and things are starting to get interesting.

    Anyway, I'm glad I found this place, and I plan to stay for a long time.
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    Hahaha, funny way of getting into Binaries but it's great that you decided to start by learning the basics. And even better is the fact that you have that Spider-sense regarding BS. Hope you'll find the BOTS School and all other articles entertaining and useful.
    All the best

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    Thanks you Mr Bogdan.
    Your articles are appreciated; I'm reading about MACD now.

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    Hello Neuron,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders! You are right that we are different than all the other places for binary options trading in the net. We didn’t hide the unpleasant facts about the brokers and about the scam signal providers. We aim to tell only the truth and that’s why we attract many traders here. I hope you will find interesting all the articles on the BOTS site and the discussions in the CommuniTraders Forum. You could participate here freely, whenever you want to ask something. We have also pretty good demo trading platform, which you can use for your first tests and trading.

    Best regards,

    CommuniTraders Team

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    Thank you Mr Kolyo.
    And thanks for the warm welcome!

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