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    Hot Ready for the NFP! !!!

    Hi traders,

    Are you ready to trade the biggest shaker of all markets? The Non Farm Payroll will be released in just 9 minutes. It will generate big momentum on all the dollar related markets and most probably a great short term trading opportunities. Share with us here what are your expectations and what are your results of pre-or post NFP trading today!

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    I was and I was a little dumbfounded, but just for a minute. The number was way lower than I expected, I had in fact just made a bet with my inner self that it might be greater than 210K, I was way off. However, is is not to bad and neither was the unemployment rate or participation rate, which actually fell. Futures fell on the news but are hovering around the break even point. I don not think the number is enough to stop the break out which started yesterday. I think this will be more of an entry point for today's trade. EArnings, the economy and the global situation are solidifying, tapering is priced into the picture and the technical analysis is leading the market higher.

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    I agree with you Michael. It was worse than expected 165K vs 205K expected, but there is plenty of supports it is visible for all the assets vs us dollar. So probably it is a good entry point for bullish trend continuation next week. We will see My initial expectations were also for better number and it was little surprise but fortunately no losing trades were made.

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    It was published mixed economic data for the US dollar. Less than expected NFP caused sharply dropped the US dollar against the euro. The currency pair EURUSD has been reached the peak at 1.3292.

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