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    Red face Beginner's Lounge - What to Post and What NOT to Post !!!

    Hi Guys,

    Lately I'm seeing many new forum members, lots of questions asked and many discussions going on. The forum is growing rapidly, our community gets beginner and the PROS are stuffed with work (:

    Most of the new users are posting their question are, but this is not the best place to ask all types of questions. So let me make it clearer, so everybody could get the right answers for their questions:

    1. Trading Strategies - Strategies Room Only
    2. Tools/Charts/Graphs/Indicators - Tools/indicators Room Only
    3. Questions about brokers - Only on Broker's Room

    Questions which do not belong here will be moved to the right place with an expiring link

    Thanks for your understanding and participation

    Martin Kay

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    Yes only binary option trading related post should be here..

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    According to me "Questions about brokers - Only on Broker's Room" should be here.

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