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    Greetings from Ireland :) !!!

    I was referred to this forum from a hubpages article and it is exactly what I am looking for. I am interested in the theory of binary trading but haven't a clue otherwise so I will be spending some time here while I am on holidays from work over the next ten days before I invest any money later.
    There is too much information overload and scams on the internet to learn there and this forum is very well focussed by comparison.In fairness it was one of those possible scams that introduced me to the idea of binary trading in the first place. I found the answer to whether or not to invest in it in the beginner's lounge here before I even registered so I look forward to learning and taking advice from veterans here on how to get started.
    Thank you for your time reading this.

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    Master Member Bogdan G's Avatar
    If you are on holidays and want to get acquainted to Binary Options, maybe you will find the School useful:
    All the best

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    Hi, avalonkate and welcome here! I wish you a nice holiday and happy reading the articles in the BOTS site. Don’t forget to ask questions in the forum whenever you have some : )

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    Welcome to CommuniTraders Kate!

    I hope you will enjoy your participation in the greatest binary options trading community and will be a regular participant in our discussions. Don’t forget to test our demo trading platform and to place your trades there. For charting my advise is to start with Metatrader 4 demo platform. It is quite good for newbie and not only newbie traders!


    CommuniTraders Team

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    Cheers for your reply Bogdan G and thank you for your link to the school here which I didn't know about. I will definitely check it out. The idea of trading stocks has always appealed to me but I have never made the time to do anything about it until now

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    Thanks for your welcome linda_fx. I have enough to do for now navigating this forum without thinking about trading yet :-) but it is good to have somewhere to focus my learning here

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    Thanks for your tip about Metatrader4 demo platform Kolyo. Now I know my time will be well spent practicing there but I will try the demo platform here first until I get used to it.
    If/when you have time please explain what charting is or maybe I will get the idea as I go along.

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