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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry - Tuesday 13th August !!!


    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.
    Trade just one Tip at a time
    USA is scheduled to post important economic data at 8.30am EST.

    EUR/USD: The US Dollar was one of the main beneficiaries of overnight developments by placing itself on a course to strengthen for three consecutive days, which would be the first time since June. This pair slid this morning by dropping over 15 pips to challenge its lower Bollinger Band.

    However, the publication of strong economic data from Germany helped the EUR/USD to rally within the last couple of hours. With the pair now heading back downwards again, the euro appears poised to suffer further weakness. As such, sell the EUR/USD if price drops beneath 1.3265.

    USD/JPY: The greenback extended its gains against the Yen this morning for the second consecutive day. The pair surged by 90 pips overnight so that it is now probing its upper Bollinger Band.

    As the USD/JPY is presently registering a heavily oversold status, a minor corrective dip is now expected before the pair then recommences its course higher. Consequently, consider executing a CALL binary Option using the USD/JPY as its underlying asset if price can sustain a clean break above 98.30.

    GOLD TRADING: This precious metal reversed four days of consecutive gains by slipping lower overnight. The price of gold has fallen by just over $7 per oz. since the markets reopened earlier this morning. This commodity has now slumped by about 20% already during 2013 amid concerns about the commitment of global central banks to ongoing stimulus support.

    Analysts are predicting that bullion should extend its losses further today, albeit after a minor corrective rally to reset an oversold status. As such, initiate a PUT binary option structured on gold if a decisive break below $1,323.80 per oz can be achieved.

    GBP/USD: Sterling received a boost this morning which helped it stall two consecutive days of losses against the greenback. Encouraging economic data posted by the UK this morning disclosed that house prices had appreciated in value by their largest amount in over seven years.

    The GBP acquired support from this development overnight enabling it to trade a restricted range against the US Dollar. However, after price has just decisively rebounded against its upper Bollinger Band in the last couple of hours, the GBP/USD looks ready to weaken further. Consequently, sell this pair following a sustained break beneath 1.5425.

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    Yesterday's Results

    A ‘CALL’ Binary Option was executed, based on Gold, with an opening price of 1,327.35 USD (8.14 am EST) which posted a closing value of 1,342.55 USD at expiration (9.14 am EST) finishing 'in-the-money'.

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