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    The dollar strengthened !!!

    The US dollar rose against other major currencies after data have been published on the growth of retail sales in the US in July which reduced uncertainty about the economic recovery. US dollar was higher against the euro. Forex pair EURUSD dropped to 1.32315. Retail ales in the US rose 0.2% in July after growing by 0.6% while economist had forecast growth of 0.3%. The main retail, excluding automobile sales rose by 0.5% over last month and was expected to rise 0.4%. Today announced the growth of industrial production in the euro zone in June to 0.7% while the expected increase 0.8% after falling 0.2% in May. The official data showed that consumer price inflation in Germany in July by 0.5% after rising by 0.5% also in the previous month which was in line with the predictions of economists.
    The US currency strengthened against the British pound. GBPUSD fell to 1.5542.Producer price inflation in the UK rose in July by 1.1% and estimated increase of 1.4%. Consumer price inflation in the UK fell in July to 2.8% which was equivalent to the estimates of experts.
    Against the yen and Swiss franc the greenback's value increased. USDJPY rose to 98.17 and USDCHF jumped to 0.9344. The yen weakened after Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that it is considering reducing tax rates to soften the projected growth of the sales tax. The Us dollar rose to the Canadian,Australian and New Zealand dollar.USDCAD was higher to 1.0339, AUDUSD dropped to 0.9092 and NZDUSD fell to 0.7947. The dollar index which tracks the movement dollar against the basket of six other major currencies has jumped 0.52% to 81.84.

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    Manufacturing in the US expanded in August to 55.7 points from 55.4 points in July, while analysts expected decline of 54.0 points. The US dollar rose against the Swiss franc although the published positive data on Swiss economic growth. The markets once again focused on possible Fed stimulus program this decrease, leading to a higher demand for the dollar. Currency pair USDCHF trades recorded during the previous peak at 0.9374, the highest level since 15 August and subsequently consolidated at 0.9351. Supporting is likely to test the 0.9288. the low of 30 August and resistance at 0.9397, the high of 15 August. The dollar strengthened against the euro. Currency pair EURUSD touched the bottom at 1.31390 and consolidated at 1.31700.The dollar weakened against the British pound and the Australian dollar. GBPUSD currency pair touched the peak of the 1.56 and consolidated to 1.55700. AUDUSD currency pair jumped to 0.90700 and consolidated at 0.90400 .
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