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    Binary Option Autotrader !!!

    I came along these forum and really like it. I´m a newbe in binary options so I looked for a program that helps me make some profit. I found a few, but most of them do not have the performance they promise. Just one was good enough and honest, which I would like to introduce here now.

    There are different subscription plans, but it could be tested for free at one broker with a trade size of maximum 30$
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    I will post the updates here

    Good profit to all

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    It look very interesting and they are really the only honest signal provider who show their long term performance! It is worth checking their site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Kay View Post

    Binary Options Business/Affiliates Rules for BOTS Forum

    1. Posting on Introducing Binary Options Business is only allowed after the user donates at least 6 posts on the Forum. Help us help you grow.

    Binary Options Business breaking those rules would be banned permanently and become X-listed on BOTS Forum and Main Site. Do NOT Test our patience. Thanks.
    Read the rules maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bogdan G View Post
    Read the rules maybe?
    Oh, my fail, I'm sorry. Read the rules but did not see this.

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    Then, if it's an honest mistake, we're cool. Welcome to the forums!

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    @Bogdan G Thanks, shame on me, it`s hard to use the eyes

    Results for today (15th August) Wins/Losses: 3-1

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    It's going pretty good the last days. Have a great weekend @all

    Results for August 16th Wins/Losses 3-0

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    Not everyday can be a winning day
    Results for August 19th Wins-Losses 2 - 2 (Should be 3 - 3, missed 2 signals on the VPS)

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    Results for August 20th Wins/Losses 2-5
    It seems there are some problems using the BOT at 24option, the plattform detect it and give a worse entry price. Will keep you up to date...

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    Results for August 21th Wins/losses 2-5, another bad day. Do not use more then 5% of your bankroll for trading to cover losses like this!

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