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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry - Thursday 15th August !!!


    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.
    Trade just one Tip at a time
    USA is scheduled to post important economic data at 8.30am EST.

    EUR/USD: Fresh uncertainties about the exact timing when the Fed will start withdrawing its monetary easing policies caused the US dollar to weaken against the Euro this morning. At one point, the pair surged by over 40 pips to break decisively above its upper Bollinger band.

    However, the EUR/USD has since undergone a mild retraction in order to correct an overbought status. With fresh greenback weakness now looming, execute a new CALL binary option using this pair as its underlying asset if a sustained break above 1.3325 can be accomplished.

    USD/JPY: Following unsettling comments issued by James Bullard, Fed member, and the posting of weaker-then-expected US economic data on Wednesday, the greenback initially slid against the Yen during the earlier part of today’s session.

    However, after rebounding assertively against its lower Bollinger Band, the USD/JPY has surged higher in the last couple of hours so that it is now challenging its upper Bollinger Band. Despite this rally, many analysts are predicting that the US dollar will weaken as the day progresses amid Fed speculation. As such, sell the USD/JPY if price drops beneath 97.70.

    GOLD TRADING: Promising signs that the Eurozone is emerging from its 18 month recession helped the price of this precious metal hit a three week high overnight. Gold surged by nearly $5 per oz as soon as the commodity markets commenced business earlier this morning.

    After probing its upper Bollinger Band, gold then retracted in order to correct its overbought status. With this commodity now looking set to extend its gains further, buy gold if a decisive break above $1,339.20 per oz can be achieved.

    GBP/USD: Sterling strengthen against the greenback for the second consecutive day by surging higher during the night. This pair rose by almost 90 pips as the British pound acquired fresh support from the release of a strong UK retail sales figure this morning.

    With a spate of recent data from the UK pointing to a sustained British economic recovery, the GBP/USD is expected to hit new highs today. Consequently, activate a CALL binary option based on this pair if price can surged above 1.5610.

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    Yesterday's Results

    A ‘PUT’ Binary Option was executed, based on the GOLD, with an opening price of 1,321.70 USD per oz (8.52 EST) which posted a closing value of 1,325.50 USD per oz at expiration (9.52 EST) finishing 'out-of-the-money'.

    A ‘CALL’ Binary Option was executed, based on the GBP/USD, with an opening price of 1.55105 (8.46 am EST) which posted a closing value of 1.55304 at expiration (9.46 am EST) finishing 'in-the-money'.

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    Data released from the USA earlier this morning disclosed that the number of Americans submitting news claims for unemployment benefit last week had fallen to a six year low. This encouraging news has added additional credence to the viewpoint that the US Federal Reserve will start trimming its monthly asset purchasing program within the next two months.

    The US Dollar surged against most other major currencies in response to this development while gold and stocks sold-off. This release has drastically modified today’s trading profile. Consequently, the likelihood of my tips being activated now has diminished substantially. Still, as long as no losses occur, that is the major point.

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    Hi Terry,
    Very bad economic data was published for the US dollar today. Index of manufacturing conditions in the US worsened to 8.5 points from 9.2 in July. while analysts expected growth of to 10.0 points. Labor market conditions have improved due to growth in index of labor from 8 to 10.8 points. Consumer price inflation in the US rose in July by 0.2% which was in line with the forecasts after growth of 0.5% in June. On an annual basis there was a growth rate of 2%, equal to expectation after an increase of 1.8%. Basic consumer prices which exclude food and energy costs rose 0.2% in July. The number of unemployed in the U.S. fell last week by 15,000 to 320,000 persons, while analysts predicted that he would remain at 335,000.

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    Hi Milos,

    Thanks for the full details of all the releases. Although the US Dollar surged after the release of the good unemployment data, it has since weakened considerably possibly because of the data you have listed. I will check later.

    In fact, most of the tips have now been activated. Very volatile day.

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    It is hard to predict what will be the market reaction of that news in the future but for now it looks quite positive for all the assets against the US dollar.

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    I was just looking at the EUR/USD.

    This pair fell almost 100 pips falling the release of the better-than-expected US jobless number.

    However, after 10am EST, it began to climb so that it has now risen by nearly 150 pips. What a day!

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