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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry - Monday 19th August !!!


    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.
    Trade just one Tip at a time

    EUR/USD: This pair initially spent the earlier part of today’s session trading a restricted range by probing its middle Bollinger Band. However, the euro has benefited from a new wave of support within the last couple of hours causing the EUR/USD to surge higher.

    After subsequently being rebuffed by its upper Bollinger Band, the pair is presently undergoing a minor retraction in order to correct an overbought status. With further greenback weakness now in the air, activate a CALL binary option, formed using the EUR/USD, if price surges above 1.3390.

    USD/JPY: The Yen strengthen against the US Dollar soon after the Forex market reopened Sunday evening epitomized by this pair slumping by over 40 pips. The greenback has initiated a substantially rally in the last few hours as it begun to track the rising yields of US bonds higher.

    Consequently, the USD/JPY soared by nearly 60 pips to decisively break above a key resistance level. As Fed speculation is forecasted to assist the US Dollar in extending its gains further today, purchase this pair if an assertive break above 98.20 can be accomplished.

    GOLD TRADING: This commodity has retracted this morning by reversing three days of consecutive gains. The price of gold has slipped by almost $3 per oz since the markets reopened this morning so that it is presently testing its middle Bollinger Band.

    If this level now succeeds in remaining intact, then consider implementing a CALL binary option using this precious metal as its underlying asset if price can assertively break above $1,380.20 per oz.

    GBP/USD: Sterling extended two successive weeks of impressive gains by climbing higher against the US Dollar this morning. The pound achieved this impressive performance despite the publication of important UK housing data indicating that the performance of this important economic sector had slipped during the summer months.

    The pair rose by over 30 pips to break above a key resistance level and challenge its upper-level Bollinger Band before dipping in order to correct an overbought status. As currency specialists are now advising that the British pound should strengthen further today, buy this pair if price surges above 1.5680.

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    No Tips were activated last Friday.

    Such an outcome can sometimes happen because the tips are created at a particular time of the day. Events can occur later, such as the release of important economic data, which can substantially change the trading dynamics of the financial markets.

    However, the main point to note is that the tips are primarily design to restrict losses as a primary objective. They can only be executed if price can acquire enough energy and momentum to decisively break below or above their advised levels. As such, whenever this objective is achieved, price then normally has enough power to advance in the favored direction and record a win.

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    Hi Terry
    Currency pair EURUSD will drop to 1.33. MACD and RSI show no clear trend. Price has broken through the upper Bollinger band and started to fall to the possible drop in prices. The European Central Bank has decided to raise interest rates if inflationary pressures increase. On the other hand, the dollar was quite hesitant in his movement than most cons of currency notes in anticipation of the publication of the last meeting of the Federal Reserve, which will be published this week and a possible signal of future monetary policy.
    Currency pair GBPUSD will drop to 1.56. MACD is in the zone of the excessive buying. The price has broken through the upper Bollinger band and started to fall so it is possible drop in prices. In the absence of fundamentals in the day investors were largely refrained from large investments. The market is still dominated by speculation about future monetary policy of the Fed so with care awaiting notes from the last meeting will be posted on Wednesday.
    The price of gold has fluctuated during the morning following the general indecision in the market. MACD is in the phase of excessive buying. The price ranges between middle and lower Bollinger band so it is possible drop in prices below $1370 per ounce.

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    Hi Milos,

    Thanks for your detailed analysis. Very interesting.

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    I was right for gold price.It was dropped to $1365 per ounce.But price for EURUSD was moving in channel.The trend line was moving sideways short term. GBPUSD too.Market will react later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milos View Post
    I was right for gold price.It was dropped to $1365 per ounce.But price for EURUSD was moving in channel.The trend line was moving sideways short term. GBPUSD too.Market will react later.
    Good analysis. Milos. None of today's tips were activated as price did not achieve enough momentum to activate the entry criterion in each case. However, the important point is that no losses were recorded which is the top priority.

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