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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry - Tuesday 27th August !!!


    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.

    EUR/USD: Increasing expectations about imminent military action against the Syrian government caused investors to seek the sanctuary of safe-haven assets, such as the US Dollar, overnight to the detriment of riskier currencies, such as the euro. As such, the EUR/USD crashed by almost 40 pips this morning.

    After plunging decisively beneath a major support level, the pair is presently undergoing a rally in order to correct an oversold status. However, with further greenback strength looming, consider activating a PUT binary option based on the EUR/USD if price drops beneath 1.3315.

    USD/JPY: The unfolding Syrian drama is encouraging investors to flee to the sanctuary of the ultra-safe Yen helping the Japanese currency to strengthen considerably against other major currencies overnight. This risk aversive movement was epitomized by the USD/JPY extending its losses for the second consecutive day by plummeting over 55 pips this morning.

    After bouncing against its lower Bollinger Band within the last couple of hours, the pair underwent a corrective rally before heading back lower again. As such, sell the USD/JPY if a sustained break below 97.60 can now be achieved.

    GOLD TRADING: After trading a relatively calm day yesterday, the price of this precious metal surged by over $16 per oz immediately the commodity markets recommenced business earlier this morning. Gold is acquiring fresh support amid growing tensions in the Middle East.

    Gold is presently retracting to correct an overbought status within the last couple of hours after surging higher this morning to break above its upper Bollinger Band. With its safe-haven qualities currently in demand, this commodity is now expected to strengthen further today. As such, initiate a CALL binary option using gold as its underlying asset if price climbs above $1,412.55 per oz.

    AUD/USD: The commodity correlated Aussie weakened during the night as the demand for industrial metals, such as copper and zinc, slumped. The AUD/USD plunged by just over 35 pips this morning as investors opted to support the safer greenback amid Syrian concerns.

    The pair has just undergone a corrective rally after bouncing against its lower Bollinger Band. However with fresh Aussie weakness in the air, sell the AUD/USD if price can assertively drop below 0.8920.

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    Yesterday's Results

    A ‘PUT’ Binary Option was executed, based on Gold, with an opening price of 1,392.79 USD (12.05 EST) which posted a closing value of 1,392.20 USD at expiration (13.05 EST) finishing 'in-the-money'.

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    This is very nice and helpful Post for new trader like me. I am following your Tips from starting. as a New trader, I am learning from this Forum and learning from you guys. you all are really helpful. I hope following your strategies and tips one day I will become a Successful trader.

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