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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar

    Red face What do you think of our new Slogan - Even the Best Traders Suck Sometimes ? !!!

    Hi guys,

    We've recently changed our Slogan to: CommuniTraders - Even the Best Traders Suck Sometimes !

    Indeed, we're all binary options traders, and we all suck sometimes... That's the Power of community - understanding our strengths and weaknesses, sharing and learning from others, building on each other's ideas and past trades so we could all become more successful.

    SO, Even the best traders suck sometimes - the stage is all yours, feel free to comment !

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    Legendry Member milos's Avatar
    I like the slogan, I'm loving it!

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    Rookie Member
    The Slogan is great. We have to admit that even the best traders suck sometimes. It is normal to have a loser and normal to have mistake, which after the option expiration looks silly but this is the game of probabilities not the game of certain outcomes, so take care of your trades and have fun! I have fun when I won I have fun too when I lost a trade that is part of the game! Great work guys, keep the wonderful Community on the Top!!!

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    Junior Member howard1's Avatar
    Great and really funny Exactly in the tradition of the BOTS Website and Our community! We always look not only the serious but also the fun side of binary options trading and we suck sometimes too

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    Junior Member allanrock's Avatar
    I also love this slogan! It is great and gives as a new impulse to trade better to learn and to be eager to win this amazing game of binary options trading

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    M.J is offline
    Veteran Member M.J's Avatar
    This slogan is a bitter truth.

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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    Good to hear that guys, thanks!

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