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    Lbinary Live Discussion Forum !!!

    Hi, I've been with for a few weeks now and have a great experience thus far but would like to hear from anybody else that has had a good or bad experience or advice. Thank you.

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    LBinary !!!

    Does anyone have any informtion on LBinary? Are they regulated ? Us friendly? Are they real time? Any positives or negatives? I want to add a new broker this week. Thanks for your help.

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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    Not regulated, yes US friendly, mixed comments . Don't mistake this broker with UBinary, which in my opinion is a much more reliable broker. Comments are welcomed

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    I signed up with LBinary after being pressured with phone calls for well over a month. Said I wasn't interested every time but the promises of easy pickings finally got to me (I had never traded). I signed up with £250 as it was all I could afford and immediately received a call and email telling me that to qualify for the 'insured trades' I was promised I would need much more.

    I told them I would have to borrow that amount of money and was told this was perfectly OK because ... (and I quote this from an email I have from my 'broker' which is available for anyone wishing to qualify this post):

    "Rest assure, by todays end, you will see large profits and the opportunity to pay the loan back and put some funds in your pocket."

    When I uploaded the extra cash they took double, sending me well into overdraft territory and then told me I had to jump through hoops, sending all sorts of personal info just so they could refund MY MONEY which they had taken in 'error'. I eventually had to get my bank to apply a chargeback.

    I then found out (not from the broker) that the initial 'guaranteed trades' my broker was offering were anything but guaranteed so I sent an email (copy available) stating I was unhappy with taking such a risk and wanted my money back but in return received a call pushing me to place the trades. It was full of promises of the gains I WOULD make in the next 15 minutes (like in the email mentioned above) and nothing about the risk I was taking with borrowed money. I have since found small print on their website stating you should not trade with money you cannot afford. SO WHY DO THEY ALLOW THEIR PRESSURE SALESMEN TO IGNORE THIS AND KEEP PUSHING PEOPLE TO RISK MONEY THEY DON'T HAVE ON PROMISES OF INSTANT GAINS??

    Needless to say I made 4 trades on his 'advice' and lost on every single one. This was in November 2013. When I started asking why my account had not been credited with the 'guaranteed' sum I was locked out and remain locked out.

    I continue to challenge them over their conduct.

    They also want all sorts of personal information just to have your own money returned (ie no profit) including the reverse of your bank card showing your CVV number. So they would have your name, address, card details, CVV number, passport number and photo ID! I find that totally unacceptable. I was obviously advised against this by my bank who could see no reason for them to have the CVV.

    In closing I can say that the above account is a true representation of my experience with these pressure salesmen and I can provide emails and even recorded calls in support. Draw your own conclusions.

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    I don't know about all the rest but the information requirements are pretty standard. We're talking about international money transfers and the possibility of money laundering, they have to have all kinds of proof of identity to comply with the laws. And, when you "withdraw" to a credit card what you are really doing is getting a refund to your credit card, that is why it is limited to the original amount. Wire transfers may be better, but I think that using a wallet like Skrill may be best, I am still looking into that.

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    CySEC Warns Investors of

    Hi guys, check out these new by We'll have a news report about this very soon. meanwhile, check this link -

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    Exactly the same here,
    this company or franchise in the u.k is a scam they still have £9315.00 which they scammed out of me for insured trades which even they admitted existed but the broker didn't put it on.
    They give themselves titles at will, will not disclose address other than the one in Gibraltar-which by the way has been struck off- they will try to help by further putting you in debt,
    DO NOT give any money to this company, they are not regulated, not surprisingly, they are all liars that i spoke to and even tried blackmail, bribery and threats to stop me writing the truth about them on forums,
    I have left my case in the hands of the police, banks and a few other agencies all of which advise no further contact as they are criminals and scammers ( the police mans words not mine )

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    Guys, if you want to leave feedbacks/complaints/reviews you could do so here:


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    These guys appear to be a scam as the numerous reviews and my own personal experience suggest. I was hopeful I wouldn't run into the same issues as with Titantrade (see this thread, but unfortunately this broker seemed to follow the same pattern. They honored my first withdrawal request (a small $250) but it took them over two weeks to get around to it. Then, they proceeded to cancel my second request of $1,250, and have held up my third withdrawal request of $2,500 for weeks (still shows as pending). As is my standard practice with all these outfits, I do not accept any of their "bonus" offers, I submit my verification documents, and get written confirmation that everything in my account is in order, and I do not trade with any of their brokers (I use my own strategies). They have been slightly more responsive to my email inquiries, but ever since my last withdrawal request they have gone completely silent.

    I have documented everything through email, and quoted how they are not abiding by their own terms and conditions. They have no answers for me. So I filed a dispute against them through my credit card company to recover my deposited funds and it looks like I have all the documentation I need. Unfortunately, (as with Titantrade) I will be leaving my profit behind as there is no way to recover that money unless I hire a good lawyer. These brokers are a colossal waste of my time, I think I will be sticking with Nadex from here on out.
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    Kipbin, are you are US based trader?
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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