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Thread: Hi Friends

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    Lightbulb Hi Friends !!!

    My name is Yuval Perry Forex/Binary options daily trader.

    I'm happy to be here to share my knowledge.
    But first you must know that i deal with self improvement on daily basis and invest time to investigate my behave of thought . upon that i trade base on nature law.I understood long time ago that if i will base my trades on known to all techniques i can not succeed, long term success can not be learned by books like learning at the university, otherwise the financial markets would not been exist. i must use the creative mind base on nature law for that.

    So i found out a fibonacci level, which represent a switching point from short to long and the opposite, with the right condition it works with high success.
    I would love to trade here but it seems you do not have 5 minutes only 60 seconds which is not good enough, can you add this option ?


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    Hi Yuval,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders Forum! It will be great to share your knowledge with all of us here and to present your achievements till now. We will take into account your suggestion and will add five minutes option in the next release of the CommuniTraders platform! I wish you all the best and happy trading together with us in the best binary trading community out there

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    Welcome Yuval! We are happy you are joining us!

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    Hi Yuval. I am noticed you from Israel as me, so wanted to ask on which Israelis brokers sites you trading? And what your feedback about them? Snx a lot.

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    Welcome abroad to our big family, yuval. thank for sharing your knowledge with our fellow members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YuvalP View Post
    I would love to trade here but it seems you do not have 5 minutes only 60 seconds which is not good enough, can you add this option ?
    Welcome aboard. We will defiantly add more expiry times in the next CommuniTraders Version and better social extra's (: So lots to look forward to, hopefully you'll enjoy the longer time frames already exist and maybe even share some trades with the community!

    Trade Smart

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    Rookie Member YuvalP's Avatar

    I am working with easytrade, they have good service, and pay on time.

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    hey. snx . will keep it at mind.


    Yuval, one more question =) On which time expires do you trade? shorts (fixed) or long with option builder ?

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    hi yuva,
    imlooking for a right broker to start trading again..pls advice..tnx in advance

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    Rookie Member YuvalP's Avatar
    I am trading usually 15-30 also the 5 minutes, without option builder.

    I'm learning all the time to gain understanding what does the candles telling me all the time, and by using fibonacci i can obtain the reversal point.


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