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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry - Friday 13th September !!!


    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.
    The USA is scheduled to publish important economic data at 8.30am EST.

    EUR/USD: The pair continued to oscillate within a constricted horizontal range for the second consecutive day as investors are reluctant to favor any stance before the eagerly awaited next meeting of the FOMC. The single currency did weaken initially causing the EUR/USD to drop and test its lower Bollinger Band.

    However, an assertive rally ensued after the pair bounced against that level so that the EUR/USD is presently toying with its middle band. As the news revelation about Larry Summers is expected to generate fresh support for the greenback, activate a PUT binary option, structured on the EUR/USD, following a sustained break beneath 1.3255.

    USD/JPY: The US Dollar succeeded in stemming two consecutive days of losses against the Yen by rallying during the night epitomized by the USD/JPY climbing by nearly 20 pips. The greenback received a boost after a Japanese media report stated that Larry Summers will be the next head of the US Federal Reserve.

    Summers’ dovish views about quantitative easing are bullish for the US Dollar. The pair rose sharply initially during today’s session before being decisively rebuffed by a major resistance level. The USD/JPY is presently hovering about its middle Bollinger Band. If level now holds, then buy this pair if price climbs above 100.

    GOLD TRADING: This precious metal crashed by almost 3.5% yesterday recording its largest daily decline in over 2 months. Investors continued to dump gold overnight exemplified by its price plummeting by another $20 per oz immediately the commodity markets recommenced business earlier this morning.

    Further Gold weakness is now expected today amid a stronger US Dollar, a pending peaceful Syrian solution and mounting Fed uncertainties. As such, execute a PUT binary option using this metal as its underlying asset if price drops below $1,305.95 per oz.

    AUD/USD: The Australian dollar consolidated its losses against the greenback overnight after the AUD/USD was firmly rejected by a major resistance zone located between 0.9340 and 0.9360 on Thursday. Since that time, the AUD/USD has crashed by almost 100 pips.

    After dropping lower earlier during today’s session to probe its lower Bollinger Band, the pair was firmly rejected by that level. The AUD/USD is presently testing its middle band. If price now fails to break above this level, then sell the pair following a clean break below 0.9220.

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    Yesterday's Results

    A ‘PUT Binary Option was executed, based on Gold, with an opening price of 1,333.76 USD per oz. (8.43am EST) which posted a closing value of 1,326.95 USD per oz. at expiration (9.43am EST) finishing 'in-the-money'.

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