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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry -Moniday 16th September !!!


    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.
    The USA is scheduled to publish important economic data at 9.15am EST.

    EUR/USD: Larry Summers’ decision to drop out of the race for the Fed top position caused the US Dollar to weaken substantially against most of the other major currencies overnight. This pair epitomized this development by surging by over 40 pips this morning.

    In fact, the EUR/USD spiked higher as soon as the Forex market reopened on Sunday evening EST to surge above its upper Bollinger Band. However, the pair then retracted in order to address an oversold status. With currency specialists now predicting additional euro strength, initiate a CALL binary option, based on the EUR/USD, if price climbs above 1.3390.

    USD/JPY: Although this pair did benefit this morning from the general weakness in the US Dollar, the greenback proved to be more resilient against the Yen compared to most of the other major currencies. As such, the USD/JPY extended its Friday losses by slipping just less than 10 pips overnight.

    After dropping to probe is lower Bollinger Band, the pair has subsequently traded a restricted horizontal range. However, with currency specialists now forecasting that the US Dollar will extend its losses further today, sell the USD/JPY following a sustained break beneath 98.50.

    GOLD TRADING: This precious metal regained some of its composure this morning by trading in a sideways channel after suffering extensive losses last week. The price of Gold climbed by just over $4 per oz. immediately the commodity markets reopened for trading a few hours ago.

    For Gold to make any further bullish headway, it now needs to develop enough momentum to break assertively above a major resistance zone. If price can successfully accomplish this objective, then execute a CALL binary option using gold as its underlying asset following a clean break above $1,319.20 per oz.

    AUD/USD: The Australian Dollar rocketed higher against the greenback overnight as it benefited substantially from fresh US Dollar weakness instigated by the Larry Summers’ decision to withdraw from the Fed race. The AUD/USD soared by over 130 pips this morning to record a three month high.

    After undergoing a minor retraction in the last few hours to correct an oversold status, the pair appears now to be poised to extend its bullish path upwards. Consequently, buy the AUD /USD if price is able to decisively break above 0.9420.

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    Last Friday's Results

    No Tips were activated last Friday.

    Such an outcome can sometimes happen because the tips are created at a particular time of the day. Events can occur later, such as the release of important economic data, which can substantially change the trading dynamics of the financial markets.

    However, the main point to note is that the tips are primarily design to restrict losses as a primary objective. They can only be executed if price can acquire enough energy and momentum to decisively break below or above their advised levels. As such, whenever this objective is achieved, price then normally has enough power to advance in the favored direction and record a win.

    Essentially, our tips are created by ensuring that they comply with the following famous trading motto, which states: ‘Look after your losses and your profits will take care of themselves’.

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    This week is going to be hard to trade, the Summers development and economic data aside the FOMC meeting/tapering is going to do a number on the market regardless of eventual market directions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hodges View Post
    This week is going to be hard to trade, the Summers development and economic data aside the FOMC meeting/tapering is going to do a number on the market regardless of eventual market directions.
    Yes I also think so. There will be great volatility and also uncertainty about the FOMC meeting data. It is a kind of serious news event which could lead to dramatic change in the long term market sentiment and it will bring not only volatility but also some interesting opportunities for trading binary options.

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    Yes, I agree with the last two comments. The 2-day FOMC meeting, which starts today, could be a pivotal event.

    After months of intense speculation, the Fed is poised to start tapering its stimulus programs. The markets have apparently already priced-in a reduction of $10 billion per month? Any deviation from that could spark intense volatility.

    The FEd has now pumped in $2.75 trillion into the financial system since the 2007/08 meltdown. However, the growth of the US economic recovery is still only classified as 'Sluggish'.

    Does not seem much for that amount of cash? Perhaps this results just demonstrates the level of the mess we were all dropped in by Wall Street and the like in 2007.

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