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    Exclamation Warning: Binary Insider / AutoEABinary !!!

    Forum Members,

    Please do not get caught by the new Binary Auto Traders on the market, namely Binary Insider and AutoEABinary.

    On demo it will double your account in about 24 hours but, with real money it will wipe your account in the same time.

    Be aware and Safe Trading. I will post info to back up my claim in the next day or so.


    P.S. to the moderator(s). If this is not the correct thread then please move accordingly but keep posted. The scammers need to be stopped!
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    Well thx for sharing and even without proof, it is clear that such sites are scam sites.

    I visited autoeabinary and their unrealistic claims tell the whole story. They have 3 packages and the funny and interesting thing about those packages it that they offer those to beginner, advance and expert (full-time traders). Do they really think that an expert and full time trader is going to fall for that? or even an advance trader. So it is just a marketing tactic to tell newbies that they r not dealing with an ordinary site but a professional (scam) site where even expert traders come and buy membership.

    Bottom line is that scam EA sites have a specific layout. A long page full of unrealistic claims (and some smart scammers make realistic claims) with testimonals, videos, image of historical performance (they never provide a real account live performance).

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    It's obviously a scam. Anyway, did you download the software and use it? Trial i'm just curious about that "innnnnncredible software". Information is power to aboid future scams.


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    You are right It is scam. My $300 wiped out first day of trading. I have requested for money back.No reply since last week. For god sake report to interpole

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    Hi Everyone,

    As promised here are the screenshots. Both accounts were started (EA Activated) at 11:58 and stopped at 18:50 on 09/17/13.

    Demo won $216
    Real lost $394

    I have documented everything and advised the bank it was a fraudulent transaction. After looking at some of the code, the program is developed by Longtrade Partners Ltd. who happen to have an incestuous relationship with Cedar Finance.

    Cedar Finance said they have no control over the software but after watching the trades it is obvious that prices are manipulated between the Demo (practice) and Real accounts to sucker unsuspecting individuals in to depositing their hard earned money. Additionally, the Demo and Real do not trade the same signals all the time.

    Please help get the word out about these companies and help expose them for what they are.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails AutoEABinary-Demo.jpg   AutoEABinary-Real.jpg  

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    Thank you Bot Fan for revealing that scam. We have to be aware of so many such scams which are well beyond our imagination and most of them are easily recognizable, but there are also some hard to distinguish more experienced scammers especially among the binary brokers.

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    Thank you Bot Fan for sharing and exposing the scammer.

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    Yup, nice one!

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    F*****g scammers! Xcuse my french(;

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    HI there,
    I tried demo Binary Insider and when I was trying to copy the signals I lost while the demo account was winning..and I am sure that Cedar Finance is well aware of this programs as I after downloading the free software I received a phone call from cedar finance asking to create an account, I think cedar finance is a scam!!!!

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