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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry - Wednesday 18th September !!!


    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.
    The USA is scheduled to publish important economic data at 8.30am EST. In addition, the Fed will announce its latest policy decisions at 2.00pm EST

    EUR/USD: Uncertainties about the exact nature of the announcement to be issued by the Fed later today kept the US Dollar firmly anchored to four week lows against most other major currencies overnight. This state of affairs was clearly epitomized by the EUR/USD trading a sideways channel within a constrained range this morning.

    As such, the pair is presently oscillating about its middle Bollinger Band. If analysts’ predictions prove to be correct and the Fed does instigate a $10 billion monthly reduction, then greenback will weaken further. As such, buy the EUR/USD if price breaks above 1.3380. However, caution is advised as high volatility could materialize following the Fed announcement.

    USD/JPY: The Yen strengthen against the US Dollar overnight as it took advantage of a general weakening in the greenback ahead of the all-important Fed announcement later today. Consequently, the USD/JPY fell by over 20 pips after climbing earlier in the session to probe its upper Bollinger Band.

    After being rejected by that level, the pair then crashed lower by breaking assertively below a key support level. As the Yen will be one of the main beneficiaries of any Fed tapering response, consider opening a PUT binary option, using the USD/JPY as its underlying asset, following a decisive plunge beneath 98.60.

    GOLD TRADING: Investors continued to lose faith in the safe-haven appeal of Gold overnight as it proceeded to plunge for the second consecutive day. The price of the precious metal slumped sharply by over $3 per oz as soon as the commodity markets recommenced business earlier this morning.

    Speculation that the US central bank will commence reining in its influential stimulus measures has now caused bullion to plummet by over 22% in value during 2013. As any Fed tapering will cause gold to extend its losses further, opt to execute a PUT binary option, based on this commodity, if price can assertively drop below $1,296.80.

    GBP/USD: The British pound surged to an eight month high against the US Dollar overnight exemplified by the GBP/USD climbing by over 55 pips. Sterling received a fresh boost this morning following the release of the minutes from the last meeting of the Bank of England disclosing that its committee was unanimously against the instigation of any new stimulus measures.

    After soaring higher to challenge its upper Bollinger Band, the pair has subsequently undergone a retraction in the last hours to correct an overbought status. With further US Dollar weakness looming, buy the GBP/USD if price can break above 1.5995.

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    Yesterday's Results

    No Tips were again activated yesterday.

    This is primarily because the markets have been relatively calm this week as investors are anxiously awaiting the release of the next policy decisions by the US Federal Reserve later today at 2.00pm EST. High levels of volatility could well materialize after this announcement.

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    Well that was a surprise. No tapering at all by the FED. Stocks are now rocketing higher and the US Dollar is plunging.

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