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    Babypips !!!

    I found this forum with people who are negative about binary option,comments?

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    There will always be people out there crying out scam, and this is totally understandable in regard to the binary options industry. is in the same business- catching the scammers and crooks. Binary options trading made a Hugh progress during the last couple of years, turning from a Wild West into a regulated business.

    Nevertheless, rotten roots are still there, and when I was saying we are in the same business of scam finding this is what I meant- we are here to catch the scammers, not trashing and blaming everyone. Even the well regulated forex industry isn't free of scammers unfortunately, but after such long time and so many profitable traders- no one can say its a scam industry.

    Hoping this helps you and other newcomers to this forum as well. This is an important issue which is not being treated right. It will probably take some time before yo search google for binary options trading and reading only good things... But I'm positive we are heading there.(:

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