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    SP500 Live Dicussion! !!!

    Welcome to the SP500 live forum discussion!! Tips, forecasts, analysis, everyone is welcomed to follow and share!!

    So where's the SPX headed today??

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    Nicely done! But I must say that I did expect the higher than expected retail sales figure to push the US index further up.

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    Yes, I also expect so, but it looks more and more difficult to see new highs. Probably we are heading for a top soon. I will start to look for puts if we see a spike higher in the next one or two weeks.

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    U.S. stocks last week closed the growth of the third consecutive weeks of growth in the earnings report of the most companies that released during the last week surpassed expectations.S&P500 index rose on a weekly basis by 1.2% and increased growth in 2013 to 15%.

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    the market is overbought... correction is due.... watch out buyers.... considering fibo levels, a healthy correction could take the market a bit below it 1600 level... but psychological level of 1600 wud be a good support

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    S&P continue to grow.It is uptrend.The main reason of growth is good economic data and success of corporations.Tomorrow FED will hold the speech about monetary policy and situation in U.S. economy.But many investor quite reserved about this important economic events.Last week S&P rose 2.1% and it climbed to a record the highest level.

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    i read an article on CNN Money, where one of the articles said that market is tooo overbought and that too due to NO solid reasons.... its just a bubble according to that article, and market may crash later on in 8 to 10 months time.....

    well, a/c to me, that may happen... because 80B $ QE is being done... which may have serius repercussions...

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    gold did not fell yesterday, which, a/c to my analysis is set to go up... because reducing QE wud result in bringing down the S&P 500 market level.... because investors wud now invest in gold as well... so im bearish on SP500...

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    Eight of the ten groups of the S&P500 index recorded an increase.Lately there are a lot of speculation the stock price react to the story about the possible reduction of bond buying program.But the fact is that investor is more optimistic due to the U.S. economic recovery signals increasing risk appetite and hence the demand for risky instrument.Close the U.S. trading session S&P500 rose 0.63%.

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    market sentiment is mixed.... long term traders should wait for a few weeks to enter... FED's decision regarding QE measures reduction or continuation is very important in developing a trend in the market....

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