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    Merkels Win in the German Election !!!

    German federal election finished this evening. The German election is an indicator of Europe’s future. A continuation of the center-right coalition or a grand coalition is considered now. We are waiting to see now the market reaction after Monday open in 3 hours. I think the most probable reaction is a gap higher for the euro, because generally it is good for the euro zone to see strong German parliament. What do you think guys will be the effect of this event on the next week trading in the markets?

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    I think positive effect for the Euro is not sure at the moment. There are still many unknowns before the official results are announced. The Democratic group which was the main partner of the Markel group is still close to the 5% barrier to enter the German Parliament. Euro skeptical ARD also has 4.9% and it is possible entry in the new parliament configuration. So I am not sure what could happen tomorrow, but it will be interesting to see.

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    Will follow this one closely, it seems positive for EURO, it might open "up" on Monday,
    "The FDP under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Philipp Roesler took 4.6 percent, below the 5 percent hurdle needed to win seats in the Bundestag, parliament’s lower house, for the first time since the first post-World War II elections in 1949."
    As Marvel Said, this victory still personal victory and Merkel partner group still need to clear 5% threshold otherwise she will need to cooperate with rivals.

    Depend on the news, might be temporary up.

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    I also think like wallstreet that the effect will be very positive for the Euro and possibly for the stock markets. I don’t expect many surprises this week as it is the last week of the month and there will be no additional important news data from both Europe and USA.

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