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    Glad to have joined !!!

    I thought it would be a good idea to join a group of like minded people. The subject of binary trading came into my existence about six months ago and got a little frustrated on the first go round. Luckily I mustered up the will to give it my all this time. My exposure to the subject though wasn't in vain because i was able to walk away with a very basic knowledge overall.So now my next step is to focus on just learning as much as possible and in time start trading. With that said my overall goal is to be able to do this full time and make a decent living. I know I got a lot of hard work ahead of me and hopefully I can get to know some of you guys in the future to come.

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    hi drowningman, welcome to BOTS!!! Here you can learn from those experience and pros.

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    Hi drowningman and welcome to CommuniTraders!

    We are very happy to see you on board! That’s great idea to focus on learning as much as you can before starting live active trading again. You will need a lot of trading hours spend before you could master it and to become a full time trader, but that is really achievable and we have many examples of such successful traders. Feel free to join all the discussions and have a great time in our binary trading community

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    Welcome to the communitraders! ...

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