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    Question What do you guys think about with Franco, is it real? !!!

    I am a total noob in binary options. I read that watching Franco live could help me get more hands-in experience, but I wanna ask, is there's any of you who have tried it?. If I go further with it, how much should I be prepared to invest for start?.

    On another note, I downloaded MT4 and installed Bogdan's indicator, which looks awesome, but maybe I am slow because it doesnt give me results even when it says "SELL" on 5,15,30 and 1 hrs, I do a PUT when I see SELL and I CALL when I see BUY, maybe its the opposite.

    I just want to learn and have steady profits, even if they are small.

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    Hi borncorp,

    I am not sure that watching somebody named Franco even if he is trading live will give you great advantage in binary options. There are some good indicators and probably the one you are using is also a great one, but firstly you have to give us details which one exactly is it and probably we have to invite Bogdan to give you more information what exactly you could do to improve your results. Don’t start live trading before learning how to do it properly, that’s my simple advice!

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    hello borncorp.
    First of all --> Who is franco?
    Video tutorials definitely help but what I have learned is that u can never be successful, in forex/binary options, by just reading or watching tutorials. Tutorials r great, and necessary, to understand basics but practice plays a major role in leading a trader to success.

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    Its the guy that you are watching at . Supposedly you watch him live trading and that helps you understand better and you also earn money.

    Here are some videos:

    If no one has tried him I could try and report if it works. I am sure a lot of newbies like me are interested.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am a newbie and I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about but I have unearthed a great way to earn money by trading binary options. All you have to do is follow an unknown expert who will show you exactly the best way forward by just visiting the following links that will enable you to become rich, just like me, very quickly:

    Thank you for your kind consideration and I cannot wait for your replies.

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    Hahaha, great staff Terry! Thank you for sharing these very valuable ideas with us. We will try all of these unknown experts and will definitely sucks with them. Thanks again

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    I came here for advice and ended up being laughed at. Someone close this topic. I am done here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by borncorp View Post
    I came here for advice and ended up being laughed at. Someone close this topic. I am done here.
    Hi borncorp, no one is laughing at you. Members here are sometimes humourous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by borncorp View Post
    I came here for advice and ended up being laughed at. Someone close this topic. I am done here.
    Hello borncorp,
    Lately, our Forum attracts a lot of guys who just want to advertise their websites or their alleged money making machines. So people here are suspicious when they see links to signal providers in the first post of a new member. Let me assure you that if you are in need of advice, you will get it here and we will help you with everything we can. I can only speak for myself but I am sure the other members agree with me. IF you try to sell me anything, we're not friends anymore

    Now for your questions:
    I havent tried Franco or that website and never will. I hope you are not affiliated in any way.

    The TradeAssistant is not my indicator and of course all credit goes to the guy who coded it. I just presented it in a review, explaining some ways to use it. Anyway, I dont believe that using that indicator alone will give you a high success rate. First thing I would do is add a OB/OS indicator because even if TradeAssistant shows BUY, price might be already overbought so that's a hint not to trade. Am I making sense? I dont know what your level of understanding is and maybe you dont know about OB/OS. Here's a good article on the topic:

    You might also try to read more articles from our School if you want to have a better understanding of trading. Yea, it's a long read, but it's worth it.
    Good luck if you need it.

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