Japanese Tankan manufacturing index rose in the last quarter to 12 points with 4 in the previous quarter. Analysts had expected growth to 7 index points.


Manufacturing in China grew in September to 51.1 points from 51.0 in the previous month, while analysts expect growth to 51.5 points.


Index of production in the euro area remained unchanged in September to 51.1 points, which was in line with forecasts.

The official data showed that German production fell in September to 51.1 points from 51.3 in the previous month, and was expected to remain at the same level.

French production rose in September to 49.8 index points from 49.5 in the previous month. Economists had expected to remain unchanged.

Spanish manufacturing sector fell to 50.7 points in September from 51.1 in the previous month, while analysts had forecast will remain unchanged.


Production in Switzerland grew more slowly than expected in the last month, to 55.3 points from 54.6 in August. Analysts had predicted the index increased to 55.4 points.


The manufacturing sector in the UK has expanded in September to 56.7 points from 57.1 points in August, while analysts expect growth to 57.3 points.


Manufacturing in the U.S. expanded in September to 56.2 points from 55.7 in August. Economists had expected a drop of 55.0 points.

* Level above 50.0 points indicates expansion, below the contraction.