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    MT4 Servers ... !!!

    me again, with my endless MT4 questions ...

    How do I get different datafeeds in MT4? ... I set up demo-accounts on various FX-brokers and try to get the account information in one MT4-copy

    So, I copied the *.srv files from the config folder into my 'main MT4' ... but when I try to login at different servers, they simply don't show up in the dropdown ... do I miss something here?

    Edit: Problem solved! ... seems that just some reboot-voodoo was needed
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    I don’t have a lot of experience with mt4 servers but I know that it is possible to gain data feed from different servers from one and the same mt4 terminal. It needs a bit tweaks but finally that is the simplest and most easily configurable trading software.

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    Yes, it finally worked ... I just copied the *.srv files from different MT4 versions (from various broker versions) into the config folder of one MT4 copy ... and after restarting the programm, I was able to choose from different servers ... of, course, you need the broker accounts, too

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