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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry - Monday 7th October !!!


    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.

    EUR/USD: The Washington standoff exerted further pressure on the greenback this morning causing it to weaken against the euro epitomized by the pair climbing 15 pips. The EUR/USD rose higher to challenge its upper Bollinger band during the earlier part of today’s session.

    After the pair was decisively rebuffed by that level, it subsequently underwent a corrective dip. With the EUR/USD starting to climb again in the last hour, consider opening a CALL binary option if price can achieve a sustained break above 1.3600.

    USD/JPY: After consolidating its position last Friday following three days of consecutive losses, this pair recommenced its path downwards overnight. The USD/JPY slumped by over 35 pips to break beneath its psychologically important 97.00 level.

    The pair has rebounded against its lower Bollinger Band within the last few hours before starting to weaken further. Currency specialists are now expecting that the Yen will extend its gains against the US dollar today as the Washington crisis exerts growing pressure on the greenback. As such, sell the USD/JPY following an assertive break beneath 96.60.

    GOLD TRADING: This precious metal gained traction overnight by rallying amid increasing US dollar pressure resulting from the intransigent and inflexible attitude of US lawmakers. After stabilizing for two successive days, the price of gold has climbed by over $5 per oz since the commodity markets reopened this morning.

    Bullion is currently tracking its upper Bollinger Band higher. As this commodity is now expected to acquire further support from a weakening greenback, execute a CALL binary option if price can surge above $1317.20 per oz.

    AUD/USD: This pair slumped sharply by over 30 pips soon after the currency markets reopened yesterday evening. After rallying strongly during the final two trading days of last week, the AUD/USD underwent a corrective dip by sliding below its important 0.9400 handle.

    However, with the US dollar falling foul of the nerve-racking impacts generated by the USA government budget crisis, the pair has surged strongly in the last couple of hours. With analysts predicting that the greenback will weaken further today against a basketful of major currencies, buy the AUD/USD following a decisive break above 0.9445.

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    Last Friday's Results

    A ‘PUT’ Binary Option was executed, based on EUR/USD, with an opening price of 1.35796 (11.48am EST) which posted a closing value of 1.35508 USD at expiration (12.48pm EST) finishing 'in-the-money'.

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