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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry - Tuesday 15th October !!!


    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.

    EUR/USD: The US Dollar surged against the euro during the night amid fresh optimism that the US Congress will reach a compromise shortly capable of resolving the debt default crisis. In addition, the publication of a disappointing key economic indicator from the Eurozone exerted further pressure on the single currency.

    The pair plunged by over 60 pips this morning to break below a major support level. After undergoing a minor rally in the last hour to correct a heavily oversold status, the EUR/USD now looks to set to drop beneath its psychologically important 1.3500 handle. As such, sell this pair if price falls below 1.3480.

    USD/JPY: This pair slumped during the earlier part of today’s session to challenge its lower Bollinger Band. However, after being firmly rebuffed at that point, the USD/JPY has since soared upwards by paring all of its losses.

    Currency specialists are now predicting further US Dollar strength today as the greenback is acquiring extensive support on hopes that a US Congress settlement will be agreed shortly. Consequently, activate a CALL binary option using this pair as its underlying asset following a decisive break above 98.90.

    GOLD TRADING: This commodity plummeted as the US Dollar instigated strong rallies against most other major currencies overnight. The price of gold plunged by almost $25 per oz as soon as the commodity markets recommenced trading a few hours ago.

    With investors dumping gold in favor of the resurgent greenback, this precious metal is now expected to extend its losses even further today. As such, implement a PUT binary option, based on bullion, if price falls beneath $1,249.80 per oz.

    GBP/USD: After falling below its important 1.6000 handle yesterday, the British pound weakened further against a bullish US dollar overnight. The pair slumped by almost 60 pips plummeting below a key support level in the process. The GBP/USD is presently tracking its lower Bollinger Band downwards.

    With further greenback gains in the pipeline, analysts are currently predicting that this pair will drop even lower today. Consequently, consider selling the GBP/USD if price slumps beneath 1.5875.

    SILVER: Investors increased their risk appetite overnight following the emergence of news indicating that the Washington deadlock could be resolved very shortly. As such, there was a sharp increase in the support for the US dollar at the detriment of commodities, such as silver.

    Consequently, the price of this metal has crashed by almost 80 cents per oz during the last few hours. After rallying to address an oversold status, silver is now heading downwards again. Sell this commodity if price can achieve an assertive break below $20.30 per oz.

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    Yesterday's Results

    A ‘CALL’ Binary Option was executed, based on the EUR/USD, with an opening price of 1.35754 (8.09am EST) which posted a closing value of 1.35859 at expiration (9.09am EST) finishing 'in-the-money'.

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