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    Daily Trading Tips by Terry - Thursday 17th October !!!


    Use an expiry time of 1 hour plus.
    Risk no more than 2% of your account balance.
    Tips are tradable until 4.00pm EST today.

    EUR/USD: Despite the US debt crisis being averted, the US Dollar came under pressure this morning epitomized by this pair soaring by almost 100 pips. The greenback weakened substantially following a downgrade of US sovereign rating from A to –A with a negative outlook by a primary Chinese credit agency.

    The EUR/USD rocketed higher overnight to break above a key resistance and its psychologically important handle of 1.3600. The pair is presently tracking its upper Bollinger Band higher. As analysts are now expecting further US Dollar weakness today, activate a CALL binary option, based on the EUR/USD, following a decisive break above 1.3645.

    USD/JPY: Investors sought the sanctuary of the ultra-safe Yen overnight causing this pair to crash by over 80 pips. They are now concerned about the adverse impacts of US debt crisis on the global economic recovery and the prospects of a repeat performance of this stressful issue in just a few months from now.

    The USD/JPY plunged beneath a key support level and is currently probing its lower Bollinger Band. After just undergoing a corrective rally to address an oversold status, the pair is now heading lower again. As such, sell the USD/JPY if price drops under 97.70.

    GOLD TRADING: This precious metal regained its safe haven appeal during the night as investors sought its refuge amid a rapidly weakening US Dollar. As soon as the commodity markets reopened this morning, the price of gold surged higher by almost $30 per oz.

    Bullion recaptured its important level of $1,300 per oz to challenge its upper Bollinger Band. After undergoing a minor dip in the last hour to correct a heavily overbought condition, gold is now heading higher again. Buy this commodity if a sustained break above $1,314.20 per oz can be attained.

    AUD/USD: The Australian dollar extended its gains against the US Dollar this morning for the fourth consecutive day. The AUD/USD has climbed by over 60 pips already during today’s session breaking above a key resistance level and its important 0.9600 handle.

    Currency specialists are now anticipating that the AUD will continue to strengthen against the greenback today. Consequently, execute a CALL binary option using the AUD/USD as its underlying asset if price can climb above 0.9635.

    SILVER: A weakening US dollar helped most commodities to appreciate in value this morning typified by the price of silver jumping by 45 cents per oz during the last few hours. This metal broke above its upper Bollinger Band achieving a heavily overbought status in the process.

    After undergoing a corrective retraction in the last hour to resolve this problem, silver appears to be now ready to extend its gains. As such, buy this commodity following a clean break above $22.10 per oz.

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    Thank you sir Tallen,

    I follow your recommendation on Eur/Usd .. i took 3 position before and after level 1.3545 and end ITM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinoyoptions View Post
    Thank you sir Tallen,

    I follow your recommendation on Eur/Usd .. i took 3 position before and after level 1.3545 and end ITM.

    That is a great result for you - well done!

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    Would be nice of more of our members would share their appreciation for Terry's hard work providing us those tips. and... Short Standing ovation! Cheers!

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    Yesterday’s Result

    For the second consecutive day, no tips were activated on Wednesday. The prime reason for this outcome was, of course, the political drama in Washington.

    Tip features

    As stated before, the primary idea of the tips is to locate entry criteria that require price to accumulate sizeable amounts of momentum in order to activate them. Under such conditions, price should then possess enough energy to proceed further into the favored direction and record a win.

    As such, I regard the tips as a sort of catapult and am trying to pull the band back as far as possible before release. Recently, I have located a technique capable of extending the pullback which was helped to improve the win-to-loss ratio.

    As I regard that the financial markets do not have a predictive nature, I just work on probabilities. Subsequently, you must not view these tips as a means to achieve quick riches. Instead, you should consider them as a possible basis for a long-term strategy with the central concept of achieving more wins than losses over an extended period of time.

    Finally, if you are a novice then you are well-advised to study the comments of all the senior traders on BOTS. They expend great efforts explaining why you must not adopt a gambling attitude to binary options trading by promoting professional approaches.

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    Another sweet cash ...thumbs UP to Tallen

    Hi Sir Tallen,

    I fully trust your analysis on AUD/USD, I wait for about 35 minutes ...and the result is ITM .. thank you so much for your unselfish effort on providing free winning fundamental analysis.

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    Thanks everyone. Your kind comments are very encouraging.

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    Quick hint

    Only activate a tip if you catch price just exceeding its entry point.

    In contrast, if a spike causes price to advanced by more that 10 pips, then leave that tip and wait for a more favorable entry.

    As mentioned above, these tips should be used for the long-term and not regarded as a 'fast money' solution.

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